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Next Challenge Starts
January 9th

so What is True 42 all about?

You care about results

We provide them!


No gimmicks

No extra fees 

No pushing supplements

No extra memberships.

Every person that has followed the program has lost at least 10 pounds. Some have lost 30.


What we provide?

Science based nutrition and exercise guidance

A community to keep you accountable

Simple plan to follow

Is it easy? No.

But we are committed to getting you there. 

Sound good?

See what you get with the program below.







3 Group Sessions/Week
6 Week of Virtual Workouts
6 Private Sessions/week
3 Group Session/Week
6 Weeks of Virtual Workouts
Personal Trainer
Llifting Weights

***Fill out the interest form to get the class schedule***


Transformation Includes:

  • 42 Day Workout Plan

  • 42 Day Nutrition Plan

  • Personalized Goal Setting

  • Before & After Measurements

  • Accountability

  • Community Support

  • Customized ATP App

  • Mini Challenges with Prizes!


True 42 is not for everyone. We require a few things that will make you successful. Are you willing to invest in yourself?

  1. Commit - You need to follow our guidance, after all, that is what you are paying for. This is all about the results and we are committed to your success, but you have to be as well. 

  2. Participate - This is not just about exercise or nutrition, this is about a lifestyle change. We need you do the workouts, eat based on our counseling and post in the group so we can keep you accountable.

  3. Track - At the end of the day, we have to track results. This is how successful people guarantee they stay successful. If we do not track, we do not know how we are doing.

We can do this together. Take the first step, provide your information and let us help get you where you want to go.

Let's get to work!

Marc is an excellent trainer. He takes the time to get to know what exactly your wanting to work on and structures workouts around that. For the first time I look forward to workouts, because he mixes exercises up and keeps it fun

-Jon Kluesner

This program helped me get back in shape, be stronger and be more conscious about healthy eating. These things were all key for me after being stagnant in exercise and recovering from surgery. The program was sensible and not overwhelming, so that makes it easy to stick with. Noticing the little differences and progress in strength, ability & how I felt overall each week was very rewarding.

-Amanda Beard, 2020 Challenger

-Daniel Kinser, 2020 Challenger

I participated in the True Body Challenge through ATP.  In the first 2 weeks I lost 11 lbs and 20 lbs total.  The program is very easy to follow and I love the flexibility of training at the gym or at home.  The workouts are loaded into the app every day and I find it takes about 30-45 minutes to complete each day’s workout.  Austen is always available to answer any questions or make modifications if the exercise proves to difficult.  He is also available for in person workouts.  I would highly recommend doing this as Austen’s energy and positivity is infectious and will make you feel great about what you are doing.  There is a nutritional component to the challenge where you can attempt to count every calorie if you want to get that specific, but the real focus is more on maintaining proper portion sizes, making sure you are getting enough of each kind of food group and reducing or eliminating the bad stuff. 

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